The Great Wall of China –The Most Memorable Landmark OF China

When it comes to the most memorable landmark of People’s Republic of China, The Great Wall of China no doubt hits the very first rank. This outstandingly great landmark clearly reflects the hard efforts of Chinese people as well as their skill and talent that results in formation of such a great tribute. This great landmark of China has really an enduring impression among the people and is one among the Chinese culture’s foundations.

When it comes to the Great Wall’s origination point, it straightforwardly dates back to around 7 B.C. Besides this, it traces back to some ancient Chinese historical recordings. Actually, this great landmark was constructed by China’s feudal lords for protecting their territories from the opponent tribes. Therefore, it’s possible to witness some of the ancient recordings of Chinese lifestyles as the feudal lords, in accompany of The Great Wall Of China.

Moreover, The Great Wall Of China can be traced back to eras when People’s Republic of China was turning out more structured and unified as well. The unification of China was actually initiated by Ming and he was also the one who encourages in constructing the Great Wall of China. At present, this Great Wall is still there reflecting the pinnacle of the Chinese culture and history. A person who has completed a trip in China and hasn’t witnessed the beauty of the Great Wall of China is extremely hard to find. One who visits China will almost surely at least once take a glance over the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall is not only popular among the visitors but it’s also one of the favorites of Chinese citizens as well. People often choose the remarkable sightseeing of The Great Wall of China as their favorite family holiday destinations. Moreover, marathons are usually held along the Great Wall of China and the winner will be offered with really huge jackpot.

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