Beijing and its Beautiful Sites Including The Great Wall Of China

Beijing is not only the Capital city of People’s Republic of China but it’s also a vibrant tourist attraction, as well as the education, economic, and political center of the whole China. This beautiful city is situated on the China’s north western portion in between two rivers, Wenyu He and Yongding He. The city of Beijing is blessed with several enchanting areas including the rolling hills, amazing plains, and majestic mountains.

Besides these, the most popular tourism attraction of Beijing is no doubt the Great Wall of China, which has been built by Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China, around 2,000 years ago. The Great Wall of China stresses across the northern China’s mountains and it’s believed that it’s even possible to take a glance over this historical monument from the moon.

This Great Wall is the longest man-made construction in the world and is about 5000 km in its length. It is also said that it took around two centuries to finish the overall construction process of this outstanding fortification.

The Forbidden City is another destination that worth visiting in the city of Beijing. This ancient palace is also known as the Palace Museum or the Forbidden Palace. This palace comprises over 800 rooms and 8000 buildings and is surrounded by beautiful royal gardens with the area covering around 720000 sq meters. The UNESCO finally declared The Forbidden City as one of the World Heritage in the year 1987. There are large, but rare collections of the ancient wooden structure in this wonderful palace.

Some other Beijing’s sightseeing options are the Central Business District that is an area which is packed with numerous high-end shopping malls and housing facilities, CCTV Tower, Beijign Zoo, Drum Tower and Bell Tower, Beijing Botanical Garden, Beijing Ancient Observatory, the Beihai Park, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Beijing Zoo, and the Wangfujing Street.

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