Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is world’s largest construction projects ever completed and is extended across the huge mountains of northern China. This remarkable construction is around 5,000 km in length and acquires thickness from 4.5m to 6m. While when it comes to its height, it’s up to 25 feet (7.5) meter tall. This ancient great wall was actually built of wood, earth, grass, and stone.

Witness the Existence of World Heritage in People’s Republic of China
With culture and history as older as the civilization itself, People’s Republic of China is as complicated as the DNA code. The population of China is skyrocketing day by day, and is populating this world. However, we are not going to conduct a crash course of Chinese menu, but we are now about to discuss some of the historical monuments that this beautiful country offers.

Beijing and its Beautiful Sites Including The Great Wall Of China
Beijing is not only the Capital city of People’s Republic of China but it’s also a vibrant tourist attraction, as well as the education, economic, and political center of the whole China. This beautiful city is situated on the China’s north western portion in between two rivers, Wenyu He and Yongding He. The city of Beijing is blessed with several enchanting areas including the rolling hills, amazing plains, and majestic mountains.

Great Wall Of China – The Most Popular Tourism Attractions
If you tell to your friends that you’ve recently gone to a trip to China, then probably the very first question that one among your friends there will ask about would be about The Great Wall of China. What is the reason behind such a passion of people when it comes to this historical fortress monument? I’ve already visited the Great Wall of China once before and I can gladly sum it all into single word .i.e. The Great Wall of China is “incredible”!

The Great Wall of China –The Most Memorable Landmark OF China
sWhen it comes to the most memorable landmark of People’s Republic of China, The Great Wall of China no doubt hits the very first rank. This outstandingly great landmark clearly reflects the hard efforts of Chinese people as well as their skill and talent that results in formation of such a great tribute. This great landmark of China has really an enduring impression among the people and is one among the Chinese culture’s foundations.
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